How old do I have to be to get a title loan?

You must be of legal age in the province you reside in to qualify for a title loan.

Will my personal info be kept confidential?

At Canadian Equity Loans we are committed to keeping all the information you provide confidential. Please see the privacy policy on our website for details.

Is it necessary to have a driver’s license to get a title loan?

You do not need a driver’s license, but you do need a valid photo ID.

I have bad credit. Can I still qualify?

Absolutely! Good credit, bad credit or no credit. For most title loan amounts, any credit is welcome. Canadian Equity Loans is committed to helping you get the cash you need.

Do I need a checking account?

No! You do not need a checking account to qualify for a title loan at Canadian Equity Loans

What do I need to qualify for a title loan?

All you need is a clear title to your vehicle, the title, have both collision and comprehensive insurance on the vehicle, vehicle registered and insured in your name and photo ID. Canadian Equity Loans makes the title loan process hassle free unlike our competitors. We are committed to providing all our customers with unsurpassed customer service. The process is simple:

What is the total amount of the loan, including the interest and fees?

Your sales representative will go through all terms and fees with you before you sign the loan documents.

What is a title loan?

A title loan is a loan using a vehicle title as collateral for that loan. Our sales representative can assist you with detailed information. Title loans are designed as a short-term cash flow solution and not designed as solutions for long term financial problems.