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  • No Job Requirements
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    Need Cash Fast? Get A Title Loan!


    When you need cash to deal with an unexpected expense in Canada, a loan is an option to consider. Canadian Equity Loans is ready to help you get the cash you need to handle almost any cash emergency.

    Possible Loan Example: $1300 Borrowed For 12 Months. Interest $213.14. APR 29%. Total Amount Payable: $1,513.14

    Loan Repayment Terms From 61 Days to 72 Months

    Our car title loans term is up to 6 years!

    LOW Interest Rate From 12% to 49% APR


    You can rely on Canadian Loans to provide you with the quickest car title loans process possible receiving up to $50,000 Cash within 24 hours of submitting an application.

    Quick and Painless

    Our simple online application above is fast and easy, so fill one out today and see if you qualify! Our representatives can be reached by phone at our toll-free number
    CALL TOLL-FREE 1-844-586-6311


    Canadian Equity Loans has many locations spanning all across Canada so we are always close by to meet your financial needs!


    At Canadian Equity Loans we don’t take away your car! So take the cash and off you go!


    At Canadian Loans we strive to do what we can when it comes to our customers wants and needs. It is with utmost importance that we provide only the best that Car Title Loans has to offer. That’s why we are committed to these promises…

    • We offer the lowest interest rates!
    • Borrow up to $50,000!
    • You keep your Car
    • The best customer service


    Endless Debts – Credit Card Bills – Rent – Unemployment – Bankruptcy – Medical Expenses – Student Loans – Mortgages – Financing


    Are you struggling to make ends meet this month? Financial troubles got you stressed? Canadian Equity loans strives to help those in need whether you are unemployed, have poor credit history or need a quick cash fix. All you need is a fully owned vehicle to get a car title loan with us!

    In individual cases we will even provide funds for the following loans:

    • Bridge Loans
    • Gap Financing
    • Equity Loans
    • Title Loans
    • Short/Long Term Loan
    • Cash Loans
    • Bad Credit Loan
    • Asset Backed Loans
    • Bridge Financing
    • Auto Equity Loan

    If your sport vehicle isn’t included in the list, give us a call to see if we could help you out regardless!

    CALL TOLL-FREE 1-844-586-6311

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