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    About Us

    Don’t Wait! Get Your Cash From Us In Just Under An Hour!

    As a leader in the industry you can trust us to be straightforward and transparent with all of our customers. We are here to help individuals access cash using the equity in their vehicle. Through our exceptional customer service and experience we will guide you through our fast and simple loan process, which means cash in your pockets in just under an hour!

    We have the lowest rates in the Canadian car title loan industry and we invite you to challenge this!

    With Canadian Equity Loans we are not bound by the same regulations as a bank, so your credit score or employment history do not affect your application and you keep possession of your vehicle the entire duration of your car title loan!

    Call us today and find out if you qualify with us!

    Why Canadian Equity Loans?

    • • We are always as transparent as possible with our clients in all transactions and interactions.
    • • We get you cash fast! Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle you could qualify for up to $50,000 using just the title of your vehicle as collateral!
    • • We get your title loan fast, and help you get the cash you need in an hour minutes or less.
    • • We get you the cash you need into your hands that same day
    • • Our representatives are trained, courteous, experienced, and committed to providing the best customer service in Canada.
    • • The lowest interest rates in the industry!
    • • There is ZERO penalty for paying off your loan ahead of schedule. You may deposit payments at any time in varying amounts allowing for the most flexible repayment plan available in Canada.
    • • You keep your vehicle the entire duration of the loan. Keep what is yours and don’t disrupt your lifestyle by using a car title loan with Canadian Equity Loans.

    Thank you for choosing Canadian Equity Loans for your fast cash needs. Get started now by completing our online form and a representative will call you with all the details about getting the cash you need with a title loan.

    Canadian Equity Loans locations span all across Canada so click here to find out if there is a location near you!