Car Equity Loans in Saint John

Car equity loans use the equity in your car as security for the loan amount that is provided. These loans are useful for borrowers with low credit scores who are in need of quick emergency cash. The maximum amount that you get depends upon the equity you have in your lien free vehicle.

Canadian Equity Loan specializes in providing Car Equity Loans in Saint John at minimum interest rates and with a loan amount up to $50,000. This amount depends upon the value of your car you use as collateral. You can be eligible for a more significant amount if your car’s equity is high. Car collateral loans are easy to obtain and that too, with a little amount of paperwork. There are low monthly installments and extended loan terms that help you pay back your loan quickly.

Advantages of applying for a Car Equity Loans in Saint John:

  • Early Payouts Without Any Penalties
  • low interest rate from 12% to 49% APR. 
  • No Credit Checks Involved
  • Get the cash in just a few hours on the day of loan approval
  • Keep Your Vehicle During The Loan session
  • Longest loan term up to 6 years


How Canadian Equity Loans process works

  • Get In Touch With Us by calling or visiting our website and fill out the application form
  • Get approved for the loan within an hour
  • There is an easy and simple paperwork procedure which takes only few minutes to complete
  • After the documentation , you can drive off with your cash or you can get the cash in your hand on the same day of approval.

Contact us (toll-free) 1-844-586-6311 for instant approval or apply online today!