Getting an Online Auto Finance Kitchener Ontario Loan? Keep Safe by Watching Out for These Signs

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September 8, 2021
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An auto finance Kitchener Ontario loan is a very useful financial tool. It can help you in the pursuit of your goals. The strain it places on your budget is also manageable since the cost is spread over several months. While the application process is pretty straightforward, you should also keep yourself safe from unsavory business practices. 

Watch Out for These Warning Signs

  • Upfront Fees: Some lenders offering a low interest loan will ask for advance payment. They’ll say it’s for processing or documentation purposes. But asking for money when you’re borrowing money doesn’t make sense. A legitimate lender will never demand upfront payment. Any fees will be taken out of the loan. 
  • Wire Transfers: This is another cause for concern. Licensed car equity lending companies have a physical address where you can send the payment. They will also offer a bank account number in their name. Never send a wire payment to an individual. You’ll have no proof the money went to paying back your loan. 
  • Phone Offers: It’s against the law to offer loans over the phone. Any loan offers must be made in writing. It should also have clearly stated terms and conditions. All payments and fees should be listed as well. 
  • No Customer Reviews: Online reviews are crucial in building reputation and securing new clients. Be wary of any company with no customer ratings or feedback. 

Lowest Possible Payment in the Industry 

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