Conditions You Must Satisfy to Qualify for a Bad Credit Score Auto Loan Calgary Alberta

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July 27, 2021
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There are many ways to secure cash fast when you need it. You can use your credit card to get a cash advance. You can pawn or sell your valuables. If you have a car, you can use it as collateral to apply for a bad credit score auto loan Calgary Alberta. The latter is an ideal solution for emergencies. But there are conditions you must satisfy to qualify for this loan. 

Top Requirements to Qualify for an Auto Title Loan

  • You have to be an adult. This is one of the main requirements for any loan. Lending companies only accept applications from people who are legally adults. The law mandates that only adults can be held liable to repay a loan. It’s why you must present valid IDs when you apply. 
  • Your collateral should have enough equity. Your auto finance loan depends on this. It’s why you must choose a high-value vehicle as security. Your car must not be more than eight years old, although some lenders do accept collaterals that are a decade old. It should also be well-maintained. This is to ensure they’ll get a good value for it if they need to sell your car. 
  • You have the appropriate car insurance. Most lenders will require basic insurance coverage before approving a loan. But other companies will demand you get a collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. 

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