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September 3, 2019
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A Car Collateral Loans Regina has helped millions of people who needed cash fast. This secured loan is easy to apply for and eschews the mandatory credit score checks because of the collateral involved. However, this means that approval and how much you can borrow depend largely on your vehicle. But can you still get a loan with a salvage car?

Can I Get a Title Loan Using a Salvage Car?

A salvage car title loans is basically a vehicle that has been declared a total loss by the insurance company after it has been in an accident. These cars are taken apart and pieced back together using parts from other salvaged cars in order to build a new vehicle.

Despite being reconstructed or repaired using parts of different vehicles, a salvage car can still be used in Car Collateral Loans Regina. The application process even remains the same – you submit the necessary documents, present your vehicle for evaluation, and wait for their free quote. But what you should understand is that lenders will only give you half the amount of what they would normally offer in a title loan. If you are amenable to the lender’s quote, then you can choose to continue with the loan process.

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