Planning to Borrow Using Your Car Surrey British Columbia? Don’t Fall for These Lies

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January 24, 2021
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Are you desperate to have your bathroom tiles replaced? Or maybe you’re short on rent money this month? There are many reasons for needing a quick loan. You can secure fast cash if you borrow using your car Surrey British Columbia. Its interest rates are lower than a credit card and your rating won’t suffer because of it. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this loan. Here are three loan myths you shouldn’t pay attention to:

Borrow Using your Car Surrey British Columbia Myths Declassified

  • You can’t use this fast loan for an emergency: This is one of the common misconceptions about title loans. Unlike bank loans that take weeks to process, this secured loan has a streamlined and fast application process. You can get approved in under an hour and receive the money on the same day too, making it perfect for emergencies.
  • Title loans can only be used for specific reasons: Many prospective borrowers are surprised to learn that you can use this loan for any purpose. You can utilize it to pay your rent, buy groceries, expand your business or launch a company. Some people have even used it to go on vacation or a shopping spree.
  • Borrowers are required to have a high credit score. This myth is likely fueled by the demands of conventional lenders that applicants have a positive credit rating. But title loans require a collateral to cover the loan. Because of this, the borrower’s credit score becomes irrelevant.

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