2 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cash for Car Burnaby British Columbia Scams

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May 6, 2019
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Title loans are a great help for those who need quick cash. They’re also a godsend for people who are currently unemployed or who have poor credit scores as they can secure a much-needed loan. While there are thousands of legitimate lenders out there who are willing to help, it’s a sad fact that there are also thousands who would take advantage of other people. You should learn how to protect yourself if you want to avail of cash for car Burnaby British Columbia loan.

2 Ways to Protect Yourself from Title Loan Frauds

You should always take steps to protect yourself against fraud in every financial transaction you make. Here are two suggestions on how to do it:

  • Don’t accept unsolicited emails or phone calls. There’s no need for you to open emails from unknown people or companies. You shouldn’t click on any links sent by people you don’t know (or even from those you do) as you might fall victim to phishing. Unexpected calls and emails are standard tricks of cybercriminals.
  • Cut all contact when they ask for upfront payment. Legitimate lenders will never ask for advance payment for insurance or processing purposes. They also would never ask that you send the money via Western Union or other online payment platforms as these are hard to trace. If a car pawn loan company asks you for payment in advance, it’s time to step back and cut all ties.

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