Is Auto Insurance Required to Qualify for Car Collateral Loans Calgary Alberta?

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Car collateral loan Calgary are an ideal option if you require cash quickly and don’t have the credit score needed to qualify for a bank loan. While title loans are much easier to secure since there’s collateral involved, there are still things you must have to qualify for it, like car insurance.

Is Auto Insurance Required to Qualify for a Title Loan?

Yes, title lending companies require that your car should be insured before they will approve your loan.

A car equity loan is distinct because the borrower still retains ownership and use of the vehicle even while paying back the loan. You can still use your car to run errands, drive to work, and go on road trips. And because of this, the lending company needs to know that your car’s value (and that of their investment) will not disappear in the event of a car crash, etc.

Most states require that car owners have liability coverage, but that’s not enough for lenders. They will likely demand that the borrower has collision damage or comprehensive insurance. The former covers damages that you’re responsible for, like property or bodily damage, while the latter is used when your vehicle sustains any damage. Your insurance company can advise you on the kind of coverage you need to meet your state’s laws.

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