Do Lenders Accept Vehicles that are not Fully Paid Off for Car Collateral Loans Edmonton Alberta?

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June 17, 2019
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Car collateral loans Edmonton Alberta have steadily gained popularity over the years, especially among people who have poor credit scores or those who are currently unemployed. This secured loan’s streamlined application process and quick approvals have helped countless people get a fast loan. But with a vehicle’s ownership title required as collateral, a lot of borrowers are wondering if they can still avail of this loan if their car isn’t fully paid.

Do Lenders Accept Vehicles that are Not 100% Paid?

It will depend on the lending company. There are admittedly lenders that accept collaterals that aren’t fully paid. However, these are few and far between.

Remember that every lender has its own distinct requirements. Most will demand a lien-free title that is in the borrower’s name. But there are some companies that accept vehicles that still have an outstanding balance. However, the equity on the car should be enough to cover the loan. It’s the equity that’s vital in a poor credit car loan, not the remaining balance. The lender will also take into account how much the remaining balance is when evaluating the vehicle’s value and how much the company will offer.

Car Collateral Loans Edmonton Alberta Faster than the Competition

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