How to Avoid Scams Involving Car Collateral Loans Saint John New Brunswick

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February 18, 2019
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February 20, 2019

Desperate times can force people to consider desperate measures. While vehicle title loans can be a good solution for those with bad credit, there are dubious lenders who will take advantage of a person’s need. You can protect yourself by learning what scams target Car Collateral Loans Saint John

How to Avoid Title Loan Scams

Vehicle loans are legal in most states, but they’re not free from scams like:

  • Add-ons to rollovers: The low payment schemes lending companies offer can be like catnip to consumers, making them irresistible. Some lenders allow rollover extensions and then tack on exorbitant fees. This causes payments to balloon quickly until you can’t keep up with the payments anymore.
  • Upselling: Some states place a cap on the maximum interest rates that can be levied on specific loan amounts. Unfortunately, some consumers don’t take the time to really understand the consequences of this cap in favor of getting the highest possible car title loan amount that they can. This will lock them into a loan with even Car Collateral Loans Saint John with higher interest rates.
  • Reselling repossessed vehicles: Borrowers who default on their payments might find their vehicles repossessed. However, this doesn’t guarantee that their loans are forgiven. You might not even get your car back even if you can come up with the money you need to pay off your loan because the lender has already sold it.

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