How Will Car Collateral Loans St. Thomas Ontario Impact Your Credit Score?

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September 16, 2019
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Car collateral loans St. Thomas Ontario are an appealing option for people who need extra cash fast. It’s easy to see why borrowers find this loan interesting. The application process is simple, you can get your money in a few hours, and it reportedly doesn’t affect your credit score. But is there truth behind the general concept that this secured loan won’t change your credit standing?

How Title Loans Impact Credit Scores

Title loans essentially have little to no impact on your credit. The majority of title lending companies won’t even look into your credit standing or history before approving the loan. It’s what makes this loan perfect for people who are underemployed or who have poor credit.

With traditional loans, you can boost your credit score by making sure you pay on time always. That’s not the case with car title loans. Early or on-time payments won’t increase your score. Conversely, late or missed payments won’t cause your score to go down. But this only holds true if your car isn’t repossessed. Lenders typically report this to credit bureaus, and this could cost you a few points. So not only will you lose your car, there will be a black mark on your credit report.

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