What Critical Factors Do Car Equity Kamloops British Columbia Companies Look for in Loan Application?

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May 28, 2021
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Traditional lenders, like banks, require borrowers to have a credit score of 700 or better. That’s bad news for a lot of people who are either struggling to build up their rating or have no credit history yet. If you’re in this situation, you should consider using your car equity Kamloops British Columbia to get a loan. Here’s what lenders specializing in title loans will look for in your application: 

What Do Cash for Car Lenders Look For? 

Minimum credit score loans are secured loans because you’ll have to pledge your car as collateral. Because the loan revolves around it, the lender will check your car’s condition. It’s why this loan also requires a vehicle inspection. An inspector will check the car’s general condition, like the state of the engine and tires. They will also look at the mileage and any after-sales additions you’ve made. It’s why you should maintain your car properly. 

The lending company will also check your car’s title. Unlike when you pawn a valuable, your car will stay with you when you get a title loan. The lender will only hold on to your car’s title. But they will require that it’s lien-free. Your name must also appear as the original owner. 

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