Understanding the Life Cycle of Your Car Equity Loan Guelph Ontario

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March 27, 2020
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A loan can be basically defined as money an individual borrows from another person, a bank, or a finance organization for personal purposes. People get loans for a variety of reasons, from personal investment to meeting monthly food expenses or paying for a medical procedure. Some loans require collateral, like a car equity loan Guelph Ontario while others will just hold on to the promise that the applicant will return the money. Regardless of what loan you take, all loans have several stages.

Understanding the Life Cycle of Your Title Loan

  • Application: In this stage, the borrower checks the requirements, fills out the application form, and prepares the needed documents. You can start this process either online or at your lender’s office.
  • Pre-Approval: The lending company will commence the evaluation of the application. They might request additional information (ex. more proof of income) at this phase.
  • Approval: The lender has finished checking and assessing the application and has accepted it. Once approval is granted, the borrower can expect to receive the fast cash they need.
  • Releasing Funds: There are several ways the funds will be released. Some lenders will pay it directly to the client’s bank account, they can transfer it to a third party, or give it as cash.
  • Repayment: This stage is crucial as the borrower will begin making regular payments in accordance with the loan contract.
  • Closing: The loan is considered as closed once the full payment plus interest has been made.

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