Can a Car Equity Loan Langley British Columbia Company Ask for Money Upfront?

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March 12, 2019
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When you’re in a financial tight spot and need a large amount of cash fast, the promise of a loan is a godsend. But with so many scammers plying their trade, you have to make sure that the company offering you a car equity Langley British Columbia loan is legitimate and not some crook who’s trying to steal your money. One red flag is when you’re being asked for advanced payment.

Can a Lending Company Ask for Money Upfront?

No, it cannot. If you get approved for a loan and then receive calls or emails from the lender requesting for certain fees to be paid, you are getting scammed. It’s the modus operandi of most fraudulent lending companies to ask for up-front payment for “processing” or “insurance.” They will probably ask that you send the payment via Western Union or other online payment centers. Once you’ve paid, you will never get that money back.

It is also illegal for companies to confirm easy bad credit loan approval or promise that you’ll get a loan over the telephone. These confirmations are done via papers to ensure there’s proof of transaction.

Licensed lenders will charge you for appraisals, application, or credit reports. But they will never demand that you pay in advance of the loan.

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