Do Car Equity Regina Saskatchewan Lenders Accept Old Vehicles as Collaterals?

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May 17, 2019
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One thing that sets title loans apart from traditional loans is its need for collateral to finance the loan. This makes the loan secure and gives the borrower a greater chance of getting their loan approved. While the requirements are pretty straightforward and flexible, there are questions as to what kind of vehicles are accepted as collateral when applying for a car equity Regina Saskatchewan loan.

Are Old Vehicles Accepted as Collateral?

The premise behind title loans more or less guarantees that you can use any type of vehicle as collateral. Aside from cars, you can also use motorcycles, boats, trucks, ATV, or an RV. While various types of vehicles are acceptable, most lenders are very particular about the age of the collateral. After all, these companies prefer models that have enough equity to fund a refinance car loan and which can be sold off quickly in case the borrower defaults on the payments.

There are lenders that are willing to accept taking on older cars but as a rule, a vehicle that’s older than a decade won’t be good collateral. Remember that your loan will depend on your car’s value, which in turn depends on factors like age, mileage and general condition. So if your old car is accepted as collateral, don’t expect to get a high amount.

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