How to Avoid Dubious Car Equity Vancouver British Columbia Lending Companies

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November 19, 2019
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Auto title loans have helped millions of people face emergencies and other financial dilemmas. Its quick application and approval process has made it one of the most popular loans around. As with every successful endeavor, there will be people who will try to make a quick buck. You can avoid dubious lenders offering car equity Vancouver British Columbia by following these suggestions:

How to Avoid Fraudulent Title Loans

  • Be wary of vague payback systems. Legitimate lenders can explain to the applicant’s payment systems clearly and openly. They will also encourage borrowers to study their payment plans to ensure there’s no confusion. Stay away from lending companies that can’t explain their terms or commit to a number (ex. penalties, processing fees). You might end up paying more than you bargained more.
  • Don’t fall for the upsell. Less than honorable lenders will play on a person’s desperation and influence them into signing up for more than they can handle. These companies will try to convince the borrower into getting a higher fast loan amount by making lots of pretty promises. Meanwhile, the borrower is trapped into paying more.
  • Fast offloading of vehicles. While repossession is a risk every borrower takes, most lenders only use this as a last resort. Watch out for lending companies with a reputation of pulling cars and immediately selling them at low prices. You might end up without a car while still shouldering any balance remaining from the sale.

Lowest Interest Rates You Can Find

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