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August 8, 2022
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According to Equifax Canada, a good to excellent credit score is between 600 to 900. A credit score affects the creditworthiness of a person. Credit scores help the financing companies or the lenders decide if they will grant a loan to a person or not, although aside from credit score, other factors affect their decisions. While credit score is essential to many lenders, there are also financing companies that do not require a high credit score. An example of that is a car loan Vancouver British Columbia.

Why Do Other Lenders Not Require High Credit Scores?

A car pawn loan is a type of car loan that uses your car as collateral. People who resort to car collateral loans do not qualify for other lenders because they have low credit scores. Borrowing using your car is a secured loan. Your car is enough to guarantee the loan will be paid to the lender. The lender will give you the money you need while keeping the title of your car. Thus you must own the vehicle. The amount that you can borrow depends upon the value of your car.

What to Consider In Getting A Car Loan Using Your Vehicle?

  • Do you have the capacity to pay? Before you get a loan, be sure you know how to pay it. Ask your lender about the payment terms and assess if you can afford the monthly payment.
  • Know the details of the loan. Talk to the lender and know the details like the interest rates and payment terms. Please do not sign the contract without reading it. If something confuses you or you do not understand, ask.

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