3 Things That Might Happen if You Don’t Pay Your Car Pawn Loan Fredericton New Brunswick in Time

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May 21, 2020
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Auto title loans are a good method of securing quick cash when you need it. Maybe your son needs new football shoes, or an unexpected bill depleted your grocery budget for the month. Qualifying and applying for this loan is easy. As with any type of loan, a car pawn loan Fredericton New Brunswick carries risks if you don’t make payments on time. Here are some things that might happen:

3 Things that Happen if You Miss Your Payment Due Date

  • You’ll incur penalties. Missing your payment deadline would see the lender charging you a fee or your credit union levying a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee if the money in your bank account isn’t enough to cover the month’s payment.
  • You might be forced to roll-over the loan. Roll-over is the practice of extending your loan term when you can’t meet your due date. While it gives you a reprieve, you’ll also be paying a penalty and see an increase in your interest. This is on top of your outstanding loan balance, which means you’ll be deeper in debt.
  • The lender could seize your car. Repossession is one of the biggest risks when getting a refinance car loan. Missed payments could prompt the lending company to have your car repossessed and sold off to recover their investments. You’ll then be without a car and, if the sale wasn’t enough, you would even have to pay off any remaining balance.

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