What Will Happen to a Car Pawn Loan New Westminster British Columbia if the Borrower Passed Away?

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June 16, 2020
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An auto title loan is a sensible option for people who need quick cash for emergencies, unforeseen expenses, and small purchases. The collateral required for this loan offers both the lender and the borrower some security. But what will happen if the unexpected happens and the borrower passes away? The balance on the car pawn loan New Westminster British Columbia isn’t simply forgotten. There are specific procedures that should be followed.

What Happens to a Loan if the Borrower Dies?

  • Recovering a Secured Loan: When someone dies with an active secured loan, like a housing or car equity loan, the deceased’s next of kin or the executor of the person’s estate should contact the lender. Once the property has been settled, whoever received the collateral would be responsible for the loan. If no one is willing to take ownership of the asset, the lending company can seize the collateral due to non-payment. However, the next of kin can’t be forced to repay the debt.
  • Deceased Co-Signer: If a borrower has a co-borrower, they will automatically be responsible for the whole loan if their joint debtor passed away. If the cosigner can’t pay back the loan, the lending company has the right to file a lawsuit to secure payment.
  • Settling Unsecured Loans: If there’s no collateral linked to a loan, the lending company can file a claim against the borrower’s estate. The executor can use the deceased’s assets to pay off the creditors.

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