5 Most Common Reasons a Car Pawn Loan Paradise NFL & Labrador Application is Rejected

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May 29, 2020
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Vehicle title loans are a good solution if you need money fast. Despite its fast application process and lack of credit checks, getting approved for a car pawn loan Paradise NFL & Labrador isn’t guaranteed. There’s a chance it could be rejected because of the following reasons:

Top Reasons Car Pawn Loan Paradise NFL & Labrador are Rejected

  • Unverifiable or Insufficient Income: Applications can be denied if the lender concludes you’re not earning enough to pay back the loan or they can’t verify your income. You must be able to provide proof that you have a regular income, whether it’s from a job, pension, or alimony.
  • Low Car Equity: The value of your collateral plays a major part in your title loan. If the lender deems you don’t have enough equity in your car to cover the loan, you won’t get approved.
  • Bad or No Credit Rating: While most lenders don’t do credit checks, they still want to see a good history of loan payments. A credit history with numerous loan defaults will raise questions about your ability to return their investment.
  • Steep Debt-to-Income Ratio: This ratio shows how much you owe against how much you earn. Lenders will reject your application if it looks like you can’t take on any more debt.
  • Various Issues: Some loan applications are denied for less obvious, but still important, reasons, like being a new resident of the city or an incomplete application.

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