Does Being a Single Parent Affect My Chances of Getting Car Pawn Loan Windsor Ontario?

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It’s sometimes difficult to make ends meet. This is particularly challenging for single-parent households. You don’t have to go at it alone though. A car pawn loan Windsor Ontario can help you face any emergency. Qualifying and applying for this secured loan is easy. But getting approved still rests on the lender’s decision.

Does Being a Single Parent Affect My Title Loan Application?

No, being a single parent will not affect the status of your loan application. Canada’s Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed to make sure that financial institutions will treat every loan application equally.


However, the lending company might take a closer look at your capacity to pay off your refinance car loan if you’re a single parent. After all, one-parent households depend on a single income and the budget can get tight. The lender will want to make sure that the borrower won’t have a difficult time repaying the loan. It’s the same consideration given to an applicant who’s divorced. Since they can still be held responsible if they co-signed for any loan, the lender might not approve an application if the debt-to-income ratio is high.

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