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April 10, 2019
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There’s no denying that today’s cars are always improving, whether it’s the design or the technology used. Taking care of your vehicle has also gotten easier, thanks to stronger parts. This means it will take longer to replace your drive belts, spark plugs, and batteries. But drivers still need to maintain their vehicle’s properly, especially if they want to apply for cash for car Etobicoke Ontario loan.

Tips for Maintaining Your Car

Each manufacturer provides a manual for maintenance checks and repairs for their car models. While they might have varying schedules or timelines, there are some universally accepted ways to care for your vehicle and help you get a good car pawn loan.

  1. Check Engine Oil: It’s a good practice to conduct a monthly oil check on your car. Drivers should do this inspection while the vehicle is parked on a solid and level ground. This will ensure accuracy in the readings. Any leaks found in the engine should be repaired quickly.
  2. Inspect Tire Pressure: This is another area that drivers have to check regularly. Make it a habit to check your tire’s inflation pressure at least once a month and before you go on a long drive. Tire pressure should always be at the level recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Wash Your Car Often: Car experts say washing your vehicle once a week is enough to keep it in pristine condition while also removing road salt from the undercarriage. Check how large the water beads are. Beads larger than a quarter means it’s time for waxing.

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