Make Your Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day With The Help of Car Title Loans Calgary

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Car Title Loans Calgary

Dads are the best! They can fix your car, build you a home, advise you on handling life and can teach you life ethics. And they deserve the absolute best in return. They never say how proud they are to have a son/daughter like you who has achieved so much in life. They may not say it, but they always think about it. It is the same for us in our relationship with our Dads. Make your Dad feel special this Father’s Day by surprising him with something he always wanted to do or have. But what if you have been struggling a little with the cash flow and need an alternative to get quick access to funds? Now you don’t have to worry, as we at Canadian Equity Loans offer fast cash car title loans Calgary through which you can get up to $100,000 against your fully owned vehicle as collateral.

Make your dad feel special by getting him a fancy watch or treat him to a relaxing trip at his favorite getaway place! Purchase tickets for his favorite team or sports and make the day memorable. Plan a lavish vacation to celebrate his success and show him how proud you are of him.

How can you make this Father’s Day memorable for your dad using car title loans Calgary?

1. A new watch

Does your dad love watches? If yes, get him a tailor-made one from a well-known brand or opt for the latest one from Apple or Samsung. Using car title loans Calgary funds to get your dad something that will make him happy on the day of celebration.

2. A trip to his favorite place

If your dad is always talking about the place, he wants to visit and never has time, use same-day cash loans to give him that special break from all his responsibilities. Make him visit his favorite place with you or plan a solo trip for him and reward him for the hard work he has done by raising you selflessly. Our car title loans come with no credit checks, making it easy to get cash when needed, even if you have bad credit.

3. Tickets to the game

Treat your dad to his favorite game time. Use the title loans to get your dad the tickets for his favorite team. Watching a live sports match with your dad is an amazing way to bond together. Car title loans in Edmonton give you easy access to cash when needed. All you need to qualify is a lien/loan-free vehicle title, auto insurance, driver’s license, legal age proof, residential proof, and a spare key to your vehicle.

4. Patio furniture set

Does your dad love to spend time outside with you while drinking tea? Then get him a patio furniture set so he can sit outside and relax using fast cash. Canadian Equity Loans lets you borrow same-day cash using car title loans in Red Deer with low-interest rates and low monthly repayments to get your dad a special Father’s Day gift that he will love and cherish all his life.

5. Gifting him a new apartment

You can also amaze your dad with a new apartment using our fast cash car title loans Calgary. If your dad lives alone and has been struggling for rent, then surprise him by getting him a new place of his own. You can use the funds against your fully owned vehicle as collateral and receive the cash within an hour after approval. Our immediate cash loans are the easiest way to access the required funds without any hassle.

6. Renovate your dad’s place

If your dad is complaining about his old place being out of fashion, surprise him by renovating it. Use car title loans from Camrose to fund his renovation project so that he can enjoy living in the newly re-designed place. There is no need to worry about the time and cost as we have Canada’s best interest rates and loan repayment plans that are easy to manage even in a crunch. He will be so happy with your improvement of his home.

7. A new car

If your dad has been taking up a lot of stress on transportation in the last few months, give him a new car by using our car title loans Calgary. That will not only make him happy but will also save him a lot of time and stress. Our loan process is simple and easy to apply. You can get quick approval and funds transferred to your bank account within an hour of approval. Our application process will only take 5 minutes for you to complete and it is completely online, saving you the hassles of waiting in a long queue. 

8. Take him out for the weekend

If you want to make the day for your dad special, take him out for an amazing weekend away. You don’t have to look further than our best car title loans, as we offer you fast loans with no hidden catches or fees. We do not have any prepayment penalties if you wish to pay off the loan early. Our longest loan term is up to 6 years and the amount you will receive from us completely depends on the current market value of your vehicle.

9. A Spa Treatment

Get your dad a gift that he and you both will enjoy. Bring your dad to the spa of his choice or get him a gift card to redeem it at a spa of his choice. A nice massage and facial will relieve his stress and let you spend quality time with him. Car title loans are here to help you get the required cash within an hour without any credit checks and the longest repayment term. 


Canadian Equity Loans lets you borrow up to $100,000 depending on the current market value of your vehicle. We do not run any credit checks, so borrowing fast cash with us is easy and stress-free, even if you have a bad credit score. Our car title loans Calgary follow a simple application process. The entire loan process is quick, easy and hassle-free. You will get the cash transferred into your bank account within an hour after approval. Our interest rates are reasonable and our terms are flexible so that you can easily manage your monthly payments in your pocket. To speak with us, call now at tel:18445866311.