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March 3, 2021
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Millions of people apply for an easy bad credit loan Beaver Creek Saskatchewan because they have an emergency. This secured loan is easy to qualify and apply for, and you can get the help you need within a few hours. Unfortunately, many fall prey to unscrupulous lenders. Maybe they were desperate or didn’t have enough information. Whatever the reason, it’s best if you know what red flags to watch out for.

How to Spot a Fast Loan Scam

  • Lending Company Isn’t Registered in Your City: Lenders are required to register in the state they will be operating. So if the company you have an eye on doesn’t have a license, you should run away from it. 
  • Lender Demands Advance Payment or a Prepaid Card: Scammers are known to ask borrowers to make an upfront payment or a prepaid card for insurance purposes. This is a sure sign you’re being conned. Legit car equity lenders never ask for these, and any fees to be paid will be taken out of the loan before it’s released. 
  • Company Does Door-to-Door Visits: Be wary of companies that go to your home or call your phone to make an offer. Licensed companies don’t do this as they only advertise via online or print ads or other mass media. 

Trusted Car Loan Expert

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