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Auto title loans first came out during the 1990s, and have slowly gained acceptance through the decades. But it’s also in the last ten years or so that the secured loan was really embraced. Countless people have used an easy bad credit loan Fredericton New Brunswick to tide them over during emergencies. Here are the top arguments people often hear in support of this loan.

5 Convincing Arguments in Support of Auto Title Loans

  • There are fewer requirements. Borrowers only have to produce government-issued IDs and a clean title for the car they’re using as collateral. They must also show proof of residence and income. 
  • Most title loan specialists don’t do credit checks. Since the collateral covers the loan, the lender doesn’t have to do a thorough credit or employment check. 
  • You can receive the cash on the same day. Car equity loans are renowned for their fast approval process. You can get approved within an hour of sending your application. The money will be sent to you within 24 hours. 
  • The interest rate is lower than credit cards. Most lenders can afford to do this because their investment is secured to some degree. 
  • You can keep using your car. The lending company will hold on to the title of ownership (and maybe the spare set of keys) while the loan is active. 

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