3 Ways to Get an Easy Bad Credit Loan Nisku Alberta Using a Salvaged Vehicle

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October 25, 2019
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Your easy bad credit loan Nisku Alberta depends on the collateral offered. It’s why title lending companies prefer to deal with cars that are either the latest model or are still relatively new. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use an old or rebuilt car as collateral. However, the application process will be more challenging as there’s a larger risk.

How to Get a Title Loan Using a Salvaged Vehicle

Salvaged vehicles are cars that have been damaged extensively in an accident and rebuilt using parts of other cars. They have been written off by insurance companies as a total loss. However, you can still use them to secure financing. Here’s how:

  • Inquire with small banks. Some rural or small banks and credit unions have expanded the services they provide. It is one way they can compete with big banks. Look for lending companies that specialize in cars with unique circumstances.
  • Invest in a collision and comprehensive insurance policy. You can stack the odds in your favor by getting your car pre-approved and by getting the right insurance. Lenders need the assurance that their investment is covered in case of accidents. Talk to your insurance provider about any policies they have for salvaged vehicles.
  • Prepare detailed documentation. You can also use extensive documentation to support your fast loan application. Draw up papers that show the car’s damage and the repairs done. Include the car’s original damage evaluation, receipts of any work done, and the inspector’s assessment.

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