Times an Easy Bad Credit Loan Surrey British Columbia is Not Advisable

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March 14, 2022
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March 16, 2022

The benefits of a title loan are widely known. People know this secured loan has fewer requirements and a fast application process. The presence of collateral also improves your chances of getting approved for a substantial loan. The advantages an easy bad credit loan Surrey British Columbia gives doesn’t mean it’s always your best option. There are times when it’s not advisable to get a loan. 

3 Times You Should Not Get a Easy Bad Credit Loan Surrey British Columbia

  • You don’t have a regular income. It’s common sense to only get a loan if you know you can pay for it. It’s an exercise in futility otherwise. Your application will either be denied or you’ll have trouble paying back the lender. The latter could result in your car being repossessed. It’s best to forego getting a loan until you’re confident you have enough money every month. 
  • You can’t handle high-interest rates. Specialized car equity loans have lower interest rates than credit cards. But even that might be too much for some applicants. Most lenders go with a 15% interest rate for short-term loans. This depends on state regulations though. It can be higher in some areas.   
  • Your budget doesn’t have a buffer for unexpected expenses. You must always have some extra in your budget every month. It ensures you’ll have enough for small emergencies and you won’t miss any loan payments. 

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