Fast Loan Toronto Ontario 101: Why Did My Credit Score Go Down?

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April 9, 2022
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It’s hard to imagine that three digits will have a huge impact on your life, but your credit score does that. This number tells credit companies and lenders about your creditworthiness. It also opens many doors for you, from qualifying for better apartments to getting approved for a Fast Loan Toronto Ontario. It’s why you should always keep a close watch on your credit rating and make sure it doesn’t go down. 

Reasons Your Credit Score Drops 

  • Late or Missed Payment: Paying your bills even a day late can impact your credit rating. It’s even worse if this happens on a regular basis. Missing a payment will also pull down your score. A low credit score due to missed payments is a red flag for many creditors. 
  • Multiple Credit Inquiries: Car equity lenders will always check an applicant’s credit report. Applying for several loans simultaneously means numerous hard credit checks. This can also pull down your credit score. While an inquiry isn’t bad, some lenders might become suspicious about why you’re applying for a lot of loans. 
  • Bankruptcy or Foreclosures: These two factors will have a massive and negative impact on your credit score. What’s worse is this mark will remain on your credit report for years.

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