Document Checklist When Getting a Poor Credit Car Loan Halifax Nova Scotia

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June 6, 2022
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Having the right documents on hand will make applying for a loan go faster. Lending companies have different requirements and application procedures. The documents you used for one loan might not be what you need for another. It’s best if you check with the lender. Here’s a checklist of what you might need for a poor credit car loan Halifax Nova Scotia.

3 Common Documents Needed for a Car Loan Halifax

  • Proof of Identity: Federal law requires lending companies to confirm the applicant’s identity. Many car equity lenders are content with valid IDs like a passport or driver’s license. Some will look for other proof from third-party sources. 
  • Income Proof: The lender will need proof that you can repay the loan. They do this by paying close attention to your finances. They would want to see payslips and an employment contract. They might also ask for bank statements or proof of other useful assets you might have. 
  • Proof of Residence: Federal law also requires lenders to verify where the borrower lives. Some lending companies are satisfied with a valid ID that shows the same address as the one in the borrower’s credit report. Other lenders will ask for a lease agreement, utility bills, property tax bills, etc. 

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