I Need Money, Surrey British Columbia: Smart Financial Moves to Make This Year

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January 5, 2021
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Financial resolutions are among the top resolutions people make every year. It’s also the one people often fail at. But it’s still a good idea to set goals so you don’t have to keep saying; I need money Surrey British Columbia all throughout the year. Here are some smart moves to make if you want to improve your finances:

Smart Money Moves for a Financially Stable Future

  • Create a Solid Budget: This is one of the smartest moves you can make. List how much you spend on rent, utilities, groceries, loan payments, etc., and check it against your bank account. Once you understand your expenses you can allocate a fixed amount for them. Don’t be afraid to use a budgeting app to help you reach your goal and develop good financial habits.
  • Start an Emergency Fund: You’ll never know when an emergency will disrupt your life. Whether it’s a catastrophe like a major operation or a small incident (ex. unexpected car repair), you must have cash available. Experts say that you should save six months-worth of your salary for emergencies.  
  • Make Extra Payments on Loans: If you’re set to make 12 loan payments a year, consider adding one or two extra payments. This will greatly reduce your debt and ensure you close a loan early. It’s tricker with multiple loans, but you can get a special financing auto loan to consolidate your debt. This way you only need to worry about paying one lender.

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