Are Minimum Credit Score Loans Edmonton Alberta Good for My Credit Rating?

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Minimum credit score loans Edmonton Alberta are often appealing solutions to people who need quick cash. After all, the idea of receiving money within a few hours is tempting. However, consumers care about their finances will probably wonder about the impact a fast loan will have on their credit score.

Can a Title Loan Improve My Credit Score?

Auto title loans have gained prominence because of the benefits borrowers can enjoy. This loan is easy to qualify for and even people with poor credit scores can avail of it. Applying for one is the work of an hour or less. Car equity lenders also offer fair interest rates and monthly payments. 

Despite these advantages, this loan will technically have no effect on your credit score. It’s because title loans are secured loans. This means you will be pledging collateral. This assures the lending company that they will get their money back no matter what happens. Even if you pay on time or close the loan in advance, it still won’t improve your rating.

While title loans won’t do much good for your credit score, defaulting or having your car pulled out can damage your rating. It’s because vehicle repossession is reported to credit bureaus. The incident will remain on your credit report for five years or more. But more than that, you might lose your car.

Get You More Money Than the Competition

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