What Sets Minimum Credit Score Loans Mississauga Ontario Apart from Other Conventional Loans?

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August 30, 2019
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Every loan is different. Some are developed for a particular purpose in mind while others are geared towards a certain demographic. Meanwhile, minimum credit score loans Mississauga Ontario are designed to help people with low credit scores. Regardless of what they offer, all lending companies are required to comply with state legislation.

What Sets Title Loans Apart from Others?

  • Even people with poor credit scores can apply. These are short-term, secured loans. Borrowers are required to put their car’s title up as collateral. Because of this, even people with a bad credit standing can avail of this fast loan. The collateral involved acts as security and minimizes the risk to the lender.
  • Title lenders are usually local companies. Most lending companies offering this kind of loan are locally owned and operated. This gives them several advantages, like providing their underwriters with more leeway since most are small to medium-sized businesses. It also gives the company more flexibility in approving title loans to borrowers who can’t secure a bank loan.
  • They have lower interest rates. Title lending companies can set lower interests than traditional lenders. You can even find businesses that have rates as low as five to six percent. That’s about the same rates banks give customers who have high credit ratings.

Same Day Cash

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