Can Applicants of Minimum Credit Score Loans Surrey British Columbia Use Shared Vehicles as Collateral?

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January 10, 2020
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A car is a big investment, second only to purchasing your own home. Because of how expensive it could get to buy and maintain a car, some people split ownership with a partner. It can be likened to sharing a home. You divide your time, expenses, and chores with your significant other. However, this might cause some challenges for people who want to apply for Minimum Credit Score Loans Surrey British Columbia.

Can You Use a Shared Vehicle as Collateral?

Yes, you can use it as collateral even if you’re sharing the car with someone. But you can only do so if it’s your name on the title of ownership. Your car’s title is the most important requirement for this type of secured loan. Lenders will demand that the car is fully paid and has a clean title. It doesn’t matter if you are the one who uses the car on a regular basis or if you got it as a gift from your partner, as long as the title is in someone else’s name you can’t use it as collateral.

Minimum Credit Score Loans Surrey British Columbia are short-term, secured loans. You will surrender the title to the lender while the loan contract is still active. It will be returned to you once you have paid back the loan. And because there’s collateral, you don’t have to worry about credit checks or employment inquiries.

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