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Consumers today are fortunate to have numerous options when they need additional money. People who want to purchase a house can opt for a bank loan while minimum credit score loans Toronto Ontario are perfect for those who need cash immediately. The latter is also open to people from all walks of life, although it’s admittedly designed for these three types of borrowers:

3 Types of People Who Apply for Auto Title Loans

  • Individuals who can pay back loans quickly: Car collateral loans are ideal for consumers who either don’t want to be in debt for years or who has the capacity to pay off their loans swiftly. Aside from being a secured loan, this is also a short-term loan, with contracts typically lasting for 30 days to a month or two.
  • People with poor credit scores: Traditional lending institutions require loan applicants to have a credit score of 700 or better. This automatically disqualifies many people who either have a low rating or are still establishing their credit line. Title loans are different in the sense that they accept people with bad credit. The presence of collateral ensures that the loan is covered.
  • Groups who don’t like high-interest rates: One known feature of title loans is its affordability and reduced interest rates. Borrowers and lending companies are provided some protection because of the collateral. It provides the latter with some breathing room to offer lower rates.

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