Why You Should Never Default on Minimum Credit Score Loans Victoria British Columbia

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March 20, 2019
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One loan available to people with poor credit is the auto title loan. This is a secure cash loan that allows the owner the chance to liquidate part of the car’s equity in exchange for money. Your auto lender can do this for you if your account is still active. Another option is to go with a reliable title loan company. Make sure you clearly understand the consequences of not paying minimum credit score loans Victoria British Columbia before going down this route.

Why You Never Default on an Auto Title Loan

There’s a tacit agreement that you will pay back any loan you make. Unfortunately, some people never give loans the seriousness they deserve. This is a huge mistake as there are dire consequences when you default. You stand to have your vehicle repossessed if you don’t pay on time or miss payments. The lender has the right to take your vehicle since it’s the collateral that you put up. They’re even within their rights to do so by force if necessary.

Another serious consequence is the penalty that you’ll be facing. Each missed payment has a corresponding penalty that can drastically increase if you default. Plus, this will stay on your record for 15 years or more. This is a big black mark against your credit score and will also make it more difficult to apply for another car equity loan.

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