5 Quick Steps to Applying for a Poor Credit Car Loan Mission British Columbia

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March 20, 2020
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March 23, 2020

Life is unpredictable. One moment you could be healthy and the next you’re in the ER. Or you might suddenly find yourself working part-time because your company has to cut down on expenses. But whatever happens, you can be assured that you have an easy way out with a Poor Credit Car Loan Mission British Columbia.

5 Quick Steps to Getting an Poor Credit Car Loan Mission British Columbia

  • Fill up a form online or in person. There are two ways to apply for a car pawn loan. One is to go to the lender’s office and the other is through their online website.
  • Receive a pre-approved estimate. The lending company will either call you or email you about a pre-approved loan amount based on their terms and requirements.
  • Prepare your documents. You will need a clean title, a valid driver’s license or any government-issued ID, proof of residence, and proof of income.
  • Get your car inspected. The lender needs to assess your car to determine its value. You can go to the company’s office for this or just take photos of your car. If you opted for the latter, make sure you take shots from various angles.
  • Sign the contract and get your money. Once you’ve submitted everything, just wait for the lender to send you the contract to sign. You can expect the money to be disbursed on the same day you applied.

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