3 Items to Prepare When Applying for Poor Credit Car Loan North York Ontario

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November 26, 2019
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Canada might have a highly developed economy, but there are still people who need financial assistance. A poor credit car loan North York Ontario is one solution, especially as even people who are underemployed or have poor credit can get one. Whether you’re a first-time borrower or an old hand at the process, it’s best if you prepare the requirements in advance.

3 Items You Need to Prepare When Applying for a Title Loan

  • High-Value Collateral: This secured loan will require that you surrender your car’s title to the lender once approved. But to ensure that you do get approved and secure the money you need you should use a car with good value. This means a vehicle that’s relatively new and is maintained well.
  • Clean Title: Your car’s title is the main requirement for this auto loan. It should be lien-free and be registered in your name. The lender will hang on to the title while the contract payment period is running. It will be returned once the loan has been paid.
  • Co-Borrower: They’re not exactly an object, but a co-signer remains an important element in securing approval. Your co-borrower will act as a guarantee that the loan will be paid since they’re expected to shoulder payments if you default. Choose a co-signer whose credit score is better than yours.

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