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October 14, 2019
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There’s no need to panic if you missed a payment on your car title loan Bay Roberts NFL & Labrador. But you shouldn’t be complacent either. You have to act fast and do damage control, so it won’t lead to repossession and a lower credit score.

3 Steps to Get You Back on Track with Your Title Loan

  • Know how much you owe and what you can pay. Borrowers should always know their fast loan details, whether it’s the balance, the interest rate, or the contract term. Check if there’s a penalty for sending payment late or missing it completely. Once you know what you owe, it becomes easier to figure out how much you can pay based on your budget.
  • Understand your options. How you’ll move forward will depend on whether you have the money but just forgot to send it, or if you can’t afford to repay the lender. If it’s the former, you can just call the company and send the payment ASAP. But the latter could mean asking for a loan deferment or a rollover. This will prevent your credit score from being reduced due to repossession or missed payment.
  • Talk to the lending company. It’s always good to be upfront with your lender about any problems you have with your refinance car loan. Be honest about your reasons. The lending company will be more than willing to provide possible solutions.

Same Day Cash

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