What You Should Know Before Refinancing Your Car Pawn Loan Markham Ontario

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March 9, 2022
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Have you used your car to get a loan? A title loan is a good option if you need fast cash. But paying it off is a different matter. If you find yourself struggling with the terms and conditions of your current loan, you can choose to refinance your car pawn loan Markham Ontario. It will take some effort but the results are worth it. There are questions you should answer before you decide to go with refinancing. 

3 Questions That Will Determine if Refinancing is the Answer 

  • How much do you still owe? The process of refinancing a title loan isn’t as fast as straight-up applying for the loan. You’ll have to submit another application and provide details about the current loan. Consider how much you still owe. If it’s still a large amount, refinancing might make sense. But if your loan is more than half paid, you should focus on how to make an early payout instead.
  • What’s the existing interest rate? Check what your current rate is and if it will change anytime soon. It doesn’t make sense to get a loan if you’re going to get a higher interest rate than what you have now.
  • How long do you have left on your auto finance loan? You should also consider how many payment installments you have left and compare it to the payment period of the prospective refinancing. If you only have a few payments left, refinancing will just extend that period. It also means you’ll be paying more in interest.  

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