Why a Shared Car Title Isn’t a Problem with a Special Financing Auto Loan Moncton New Brunswick

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March 31, 2022
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They say that sharing makes the loan lighter. That’s not the case when you apply for a special financing auto loan Moncton New Brunswick. Lenders require the borrower to have a lien-free vehicle with a clean title. But when another person’s name is on the title alongside yours, it can cause complications. 

Shared Car Title? No Problem! 

Specialized car equity loans are secured loans often used by people with emergencies or unexpected expenses. The loan requires the borrower to put up their car as collateral. The vehicle’s title should be clean and in the applicant’s name. But what if you’re sharing the car with someone else, and their name is on the title? It’s not a problem, but there are some steps you have to take, 

First, you should inform the other person the car will be used in a short-term loan. They have the right to know as they might be held accountable and shoulder the remaining payments if you default. They’ll also lose the car if it’s repossessed. You should also clarify with the lender if they accept a shared vehicle. Some are fine with it as long as the title shows there’s an “and” between the names of the two owners. But be prepared to ask the other person for help as some companies might insist on a joint loan. 

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