Credit Scores and Specialized Car Equity Loans London Ontario: What Do They Mean for Your Finances

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Your credit score is an essential part of your finances. It determines what kind of services are available to you or whether or not you can secure a loan. However, credit scores have minimal impact on specialized car equity loans London Ontario as they are based on the collateral instead. But what does it mean for your finances and your credit rating if you have taken out a title loan?

How Do Auto Title Loans Affect Your Credit Rating?

There are many advantages to getting a title loan. It’s easy to qualify for one and you can get the funds you need within the day. It also has minimal effect on your credit score. Many lending companies specializing in this service don’t even consider the applicant’s credit score when deciding approval or how much they’re willing to invest on the borrower. It’s because the applicant’s collateral will cover the loan. Because of this, even people with poor credit scores, retired, or unemployed can apply for one.

Car collateral loans essentially have no impact on your credit scores. You can pay on time, early or even late and it won’t increase or pull down your rating. But repossession will change things. Lenders will inform credit bureaus if they have repossessed a car used as collateral and it could cause you to lose points. This is on top of potentially losing your car.

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