Can I Still Use My Car as Auto Finance Etobicoke Ontario Collateral When I’m Still Paying For It?

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April 13, 2021
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Auto title loans have become a mainstream offering this past decade. Consumers quickly embraced it due to its minimal requirements and fast application process. The loan requires a steady source of income and a lien-free collateral. So what does it mean for those who still have a balance remaining on their car? Can they still use it as collateral for an auto finance Etobicoke Ontario loan?

Is My Car Still Good as a Collateral?

Specialized car equity loans depend largely on the collateral’s value. Since it will be used to cover the loan, lenders want them to be lien-free. But whether this will be strictly followed will depend on the lending company.

Every lender has their own set of requirements and application process. While some will accept nothing but high-value cars with a clean title, others are willing to accept collaterals that still have an outstanding balance on them. But the car’s equity must be higher than the balance. It’s something the lender will consider when determining if they will take the risk and how much they’ll invest on the borrower. If the remaining payment is still substantial, they won’t make the investment. Or they will approve it but will give you a much lower amount.  

Lowest Interest Rates You Can Find with Auto Finance Etobicoke Ontario

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