What Makes You Qualified to Apply for a Special Financing Auto Loan Leduc Alberta?

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April 14, 2021
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It’s a rare soul who can go through life without getting a loan. Most people will borrow money or apply for a loan several times in their lives. One thing that stops people is not knowing whether they qualify for a loan. So how can you tell if you can take out a special financing auto loan Leduc Alberta.

Factors That Makes You Eligible for an Auto Title Loan

  • Age: Only adults are eligible to apply for a loan. This means you should be 18-years old or older and have the documentation to prove it. Lenders will require you to show a valid ID.  
  • Collateral: You must have a collateral to qualify for a car pawn loan. You can use any vehicle, but most lenders prefer cars that are less than eight-years old. Your car must be lien-free or have enough equity to cover the loan. 
  • Source of Income: Applicants must also have a regular source of income. You can show your pay slip and employment contract as proof. However, lenders will also accept pension slips or any document that proves you have money coming in regularly.  
  • Proof of Residence:You must also provide evidence that you live in the area and won’t disappear once you have the money. A bill registered to your name is often enough. 

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