Points That Affect How a Car Equity Indian Head Saskatchewan Company Rates Your Collateral

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September 16, 2020
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An auto title loan has become a popular solution for people dealing with emergencies. Borrowers can use their car equity Indian Head Saskatchewan to secure a loan. They don’t even need to surrender their car as the lending company only requires the title of ownership. However, the lender must inspect the collateral first to determine how much the applicant can borrow.

Points That Impact the Collateral’s Value

  • Age and Model: One of the first things the lending company considers is the car’s age. Newer models of automobiles that are less than a decade old are preferred. It’s because they usually have lower mileage and can be sold easily. The brand and type are also important as some names carry more weight than others. For example, a Ford will likely be more attractive than a Honda.
  • State of the Exterior/Interior: Inspectors will also look at the car’s exterior and interior. They’ll check if there are any damages to the exterior, like a cracked windshield, rust, or dents. The car’s tires, mufflers, brakes, or engines are also checked to see if they’re running well.
  • Enhancements Made After Sale: Any accessories or improvements you make to your car will win you points and help you get approved for a fast loan. For instance, the addition of new gadgets or special lights or a customized paint job can boost the car’s value.

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