How Does a Special Financing Auto Loan Toronto Ontario Influence a Person’s Credit Score?

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September 16, 2020
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How Does a Special Financing Auto Loan in Toronto Ontario Influence a Person’s Credit Score?

Car Title loans can provide people with much-needed funds quickly and easily. Even people with poor credit or no credit history can qualify for a special financing auto loan Toronto Ontario. This secured loan was developed to assist borrowers during emergencies and other situations leading to immediate expenses. But how does this loan impact one’s credit standing?

Do Title Loans Affect Credit Scores?

Title loans don’t usually influence credit scores. This situation has its own pros and cons though. On one hand, most lending companies don’t need to check your credit rating when you apply. It makes the process go faster, which is something borrowers want in the first place. The lack of credit checks also means your score remains the same. Ratings are reduced by about five points every time a company conducts a hard inquiry.

Title lending companies also don’t report payments to credit bureaus, so your credit score doesn’t benefit from the regular loan payments. Monthly deposits made to bank loans are reflected on your credit history, and people who consistently meet their payment deadlines see their credit scores going up. On a good note, defaulting on your poor credit car loan won’t impact your rating even if the lender reports it. This is because the lender usually repossesses the car and sells it, thus negating the need for a collection agency.

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