Is Using a Car Pawn Loan Brampton Ontario for Home Improvements a Sensible Idea?

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June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Home improvement is a big priority for a lot of people this year. Real estate marketplace company Zillow claims that 72% of homeowners will do at least one home renovation or upgrade this year. A large number of these people will be borrowing money to finance their projects. The question now is which option is the best. Many will use a Car Title Loan Brampton Ontario, and for good reason. 

3 Reasons an Auto Title Loan is Best for Home Improvements

  • Your biggest asset is safe. Many homeowners prefer to use a title loan instead of getting a home to refinance or an equity loan. While you will be putting up your car as collateral, the terms and conditions are easy to meet. Auto finance lenders are also very accommodating and the odds that your car will be repossessed are low.
  • The interest rate is lower. You pay more interest on your credit card bills than you’ll do with a title loan. It’s because this is a secured loan and the money is covered by the collateral. Some rates go as low as 5%, which is a far cry from the 15% levied by credit card companies. 
  • There are fewer fees. At the most, you’ll be paying an origination or processing fee. Home loans often come with a variety of fees that will only add to your burden.  

Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry

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