3 Important Terminologies to Remember When Getting Cash for Car Edmonton Alberta

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November 12, 2019
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November 14, 2019

There are some situations when you’ll need some money immediately. Maybe a sudden storm flooded your basement or a loved one is in the ER. Bank loans are out of the question because they take too long, but you can always get cash for car Edmonton Alberta.

Important Terminologies to Remember When Getting a Title Loan

  • Collateral: The most important requirement in title loans, collateral is an asset or anything of value that a lender uses as security. It should have enough value to cover the loan amount since it will also serve as payment if you miss payments or default on your loan.
  • Collateral loans: It refers to loans that utilize an asset as collateral. The practice relies on the value of the collateral and not on the borrower’s credit standing. This type of loan is distinct because the collateral can be repossessed to pay off the debt.
  • Rollovers: This is one option unique to title lending companies. A rollover will allow the borrower to extend the payment deadline for the fast loan, giving them more time to come up with the money. The client will have to pay a penalty for the extension though. However, the fee won’t be deducted from the loan amount.


Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry

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