Can I Use My Car as Collateral for an Easy Bad Credit Loan Burnaby British Columbia? Signs That Says You Can

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September 24, 2021
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Have a minor financial problem with zero chance of getting a bank loan? You can always use your car as collateral for an easy bad credit loan Burnaby British Columbia. You have a better chance of getting approved. Plus, this loan has a fast application process, making it ideal for emergencies. The question you have to ask is whether your car will make good collateral. Here’s how you can tell.

Signs Your Car is the Perfect Collateral

  • It’s registered in your name. Just because a person is driving a car doesn’t mean they own it. It could have been borrowed long-term from a parent or another relative. Lending companies only accept cars that are registered in the borrower’s name. 
  • You are holding the car’s title. One of the loan’s requirements is a clean title. This means the document should reflect your name. A registration card or bill of sale is not enough for the lender. This is crucial since the company will hold on to the car’s title while the loan is active. 
  • It’s in good working condition. Your car should pass the inspection. This is done to assess the value of the vehicle. The car equity lender will check several things, like the mileage and state of the engine, brakes, etc. 

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